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  • World Cup 2010: Penalty Shoo

    Sometimes the game is won in penalty shots. Make that your goal, and not your opponent's!
  • Magical Kicks

    It takes more than a pair of magical toes to figure out and set up where the ball goes.
  • 1 on 1 Soccer

    Scoring goals just got personal...
  • The Champions 2 Euro 08

    The Euro Championship is within reach if your team has what it takes.
  • Stan James Football

    Score as many free kicks in a row as you can.
  • Fox in the Box

    Just 4 men stand between you and the goal. So choose your angle, spin, height, and power...then let 'er rip.
  • Champions '07

    Play as Liverpool or Milan and play the best match of 2007!
  • The Champions 3D

    Lead your team to a slamming soccer victory!
  • Freekick Football

    Become an expert of free kicks! Aim carefully and set the right amount of power!
  • Goal Street

    Choose your position and the strength of your kick… and…. goal!
  • World Cup Champions

    Take your country's team to the finals!
  • Puzzle Soccer: World Cup

    Bend it like Beckham and kick your way to victory!
  • Goal Shooting Master

    Outsmart your friends and score goals in this manga-like soccer game.
  • Emo Soccer

    Play this funny soccer game!
  • Football Training

    The ball is at your command. Don't mess it up.
  • Aniball

    Choose your team, play a football match, and try to score more goals than your opponent.
  • Soccer World Cup 2010

    Which team will be able to claim victory after the final whistle? Yours, of course!
  • Overhead Kick Game

    If you score, it looks awesome—if you miss, it looks stupid.
  • H-bounce

    Get onto the field and show your juggling skills!
  • Goal in One

    Get the ball in the goal in every level without taking too many shots.
  • Speed Soccer

    Play football 1 on 1. Run, kick, stop, and aim the ball!
  • Free Kick

    Fake out the goalie to take aim at soccer stardom!
  • Soccer Sensation

    Judging by the height of your opponents, getting the ball to the goal might seem pretty straightforward...
  • Soccer Style 2010

    Real skill's not about scoring goals; it's all about how you handle the ball.
  • Play2Win Football

    Hit as many goals as possible in 3 minutes!
  • Headballer

    When feet just aren't enough, here's a soccer game you can really wrap your head around.
  • Penalty Fever

    With penalty kicks you don’t get a second chance… No pressure!
  • Elastic Soccer

    Unique soccer game with an elastic touch.
  • Spin Kicker

    You have 3 minutes to score as many goals as possible!
  • Soccer Folks

    Flaunt your flashy ball-balancing skills!
  • Super Soccer

    Kick the ball into your opponent's goal to score points and win the game!
  • Gulliup

    Keep up the ball without letting it fall on the ground.
  • Get In Goal

    Pick one of four players and score as many goals as you can!

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